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Customer Relevance

In a time of disruption customer expectations change fast. Stay Relevant supports organisations and professionals in their efforts to stay close and deliver extra value to their customers.
The best way to look at transformation is through your customers’ reality and to ask yourself constantly how relevant you are to them. We define relevance as the intersection of three aspects:


How important are you to your customers? How well do you understand their own challenges and help them to create value for their own customers?


How easy is it to do business with your organisation? How well do you adapt to their reality? Do they see you as an agile, solid partner they can rely on?


How much do your customers trust your ability to help them build the future? How solid are your organisation’s vision and ability to partner openly with others? Are they willing to work with you and their customers to co-create new solutions?

" Relevance is a moving target and is critical to understanding your transformation needs and your progress. "

Customer-focused transformation driven by people

Relevant companies change constantly. They use data and collaborate internally and with other organisations to quickly adapt their offering, business models and everything that impacts their customer experience.
This effort requires an organisational transformation involving culture, leadership and capabilities. Yet, effective transformation is elusive and often companies report transformation results that do not match their expectations or the speed of change in their industry.
Transformation success depends on a group of people ready and willing to lead the change. It requires both existing and new knowledge and capabilities to empower your people to reinvent the organisation.
This is where we help.


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