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Stay Relevant exist to help professionals and organisations succeed in the digital age.

Jobs, careers and business models are being transformed and this level of change will continue in the future. Stay Relevant facilitates constant reinvention and collaboration.

We live in exciting times. Today we can make use of information for experimenting and knowing what customers do and how their needs and behaviour evolve. We have the ability to react quickly and change our business to deliver on those needs. We have an opportunity to reinvent jobs and bring knowledge and experience in line with new ways of working.

Stay Relevant is based on constant reinvention and collaboration. Nobody can do it on their own. We learn from and work with a network of trusted professionals to offer the best services for your organisation. People who love challenging themselves and learning all the time.

Alfonso Roig

Alfonso Roig brings with him extensive experience helping organisations to transform and execute change in multicultural environments. He has a hands-on approach to helping organisations in their organisational and cultural transformation efforts.

His career includes helping companies to gain competitive advantages making use of information systems and supporting organisations getting closer to their customers and reinventing their business models.

After many years working with Business and technology partners in EMEA and the Asia Pacic, he funded Stay Relevant. He advises and trains companies and professionals on the topics of business model innovation, customer experience, change execution and organisational transformation.

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