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Are you joining your customers on their journey?

by StayRelevant
30th October 2018

Your customers are moving, and now it is for real. They made a decision, and there is no way back. There is excitement, nerves and some anxiety. For them, it is a trip to the unknown, out of their comfort zone, after many years of mastering one life, they are about to enter another.

The destination is fuzzy at this point, to wherever their customers and this exciting digital age will take them. This is where they want to be, next to their customers, supporting them in their own journeys. They know this is exactly where your customers belong.

Are you joining them on their journey?

No. Don’t tell me you didn’t know? Didn’t they tell you? I know for certain they have been busy looking for help out there and still are. They know their journey will be long and full of new challenges. They know there will be times, especially at night, when they will not see the light for a while, and their confidence may suffer.

They are not going on their own and are surrounding themselves with companies that will help them learn fast and show them new ways. I thought you’d be one of them. I cannot believe your name did not come to mind. After so many years doing business together.

There’s still time. You know their task is not easy. They will need to move faster, try new things all the time, let go of old ideas and habits, acquire new skills. They know not everybody will make it and are ready to support those who want to go with them all the way. It is a brave move. It is fantastic to see their determination.

I know you want to be of help. Are you up to the task, can you support your customers on their journey?

You know what? That kind of trip would be right for you. I know you have little experience travelling in digital conditions, most companies say the same these days. I know the trip will teach you a lot. It will challenge you no doubts but it will make you fit.

They always trusted you. If you can show your customers your new strength, your flexibility, your ability to learn and adapt, they will see your value, will ask you to join their journey, shoulder to shoulder and to stay close. You will be important again.

Here is my two cents. Bring your compass and examine your backpack, they will help you establish where you are and understand the unnecessary weight that may be slowing you down.

Just, as your customer is doing, choose the right companions for the journey, those that can support the team, are willing to share knowledge and will walk by your side. Rain or shine. These are times to travel in teams, engage openly, create open alliances, try multiple things at the same time.

Stay Relevant helps organisations and professionals on their ongoing journey to be relevant to their customers, complementing their skills, entering new worlds, navigating the digital age.

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