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Blog 17th September 2018 The business case for relevance

Since pretty much every company out there is looking at ways to revitalise and reinvent themselves, this is a great time to be in business. When customers and potential customers need to get out of their comfort zone, this is for sure a good time to help them. We hear people do not like changes …

Blog 9th September 2018 We all need an A team.

We all need an A team. Let’s agree on one thing; the world continues to change every day, for our customers and us. We cannot delight our customers today doing the things we used to do before. We need to change what we do and how we do it. So follow me on this example. …

Blog 2nd September 2018 Simplifying transformation

Simplifying transformation I believe in simplicity. We do business to make a profit and help customers. We stay in business because our customers are willing to pay for the value we provide. We are profitable when we manage to sell, get paid, deliver value, retain customers and do all that while spending less than we …

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