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Finding North

Organisational assessment – Customer relevance

Simplify your transformation by understanding where you are in your journey. We help you understand where you are in relation to your customers and how to move effectively.

Our customer relevance index is designed to give you a clear understanding of how your customers perceive your offering, what they experience engaging with you and how they value your contribution to help them with their own model and transformation challenges.

We look at your business model, the way customers find you, interact and experience your services and products, how your culture and organisation structure affect that experience, how consistent this experience is when using different channels and how you measure, experiment and improve it.

Before we can embark on a journey of transformation, it is important to use customer relevance as our true guiding North.

Changing from within

Team Development – Transformation training program

Employee engagement and capability are critical factors to ensure your transformation starts from within. Empower your employees with the necessary knowledge to lead the transformation, collaborate internally and externally and redesign their jobs and functions.

It is important to combine the know-how of your people and ignite their passion and willingness to contribute to a top-class customer experience and the constant creation of value.

Our programs are designed to develop both management and staff. We adapt their content to your reality and typically include areas like motivation, ability to innovate and to partner successfully with other functions and companies. We raise their understanding of business models, technology trends, use of data and other factors that affect their ability to anticipate and react quickly to customer needs.

We help you to foster a productive culture to make your transformation efforts hit the target.

Moving the lever

Project Execution support

The value of a transformation program is the actual difference it makes to the business, your ability to measure it and the time it takes for you to see results. We walk with you during your transformation efforts to maximise this impact.

Project support includes working with the team to validate and prioritise ideas, coaching the planning, execution and change management of those initiatives and helping you to collaborate openly and effectively with customers and partners.

We review your transformation progress, the knowledge gained and the impact on your customer relevance. We help you to make these changes part of your organisational culture.

Stay Relevant can help you and your team move faster.

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