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Simplifying transformation

by StayRelevant
2nd September 2018

Simplifying transformation

I believe in simplicity. We do business to make a profit and help customers. We stay in business because our customers are willing to pay for the value we provide. We are profitable when we manage to sell, get paid, deliver value, retain customers and do all that while spending less than we invoice and collect.

This simple business equilibrium was never static. Things always changed, customers changed as a result and businesses adapted. If they did not, somebody else did and took their place, or built a new home for itself.

Then change became fast. Change in steroids was not something we were used to, and people got confused.

When I cannot explain something to myself in a few words, I know I am missing something and need to revisit the topic. Any 12-year-old kid can understand the first paragraphs of this article. Yet, many people seem to be confused about what to do with this digital transformation message we hear about every day.

I sympathise with them. It is overwhelming and tiring. By now everybody accepts we need to transform even if we do not know what this means and what it is we need to turn ourselves into.
I chose the name Stay Relevant for a reason. Any change surely must be about the customer. It is a way of connecting (or reconnecting) and empathising with their reality, also full of challenges.

So the task is clear, check where you are in relation to your customers, all of them. Do it regularly since their behaviour seems to change faster than they even realise themselves. And make sure your offering and their experience dealing with you is top class. Simple.

Why is it then most organisations report enormous challenges making this happen? Is our understanding of what customers do and need blurry or outdated? Is it the structure, the team, or the way we do things here that are showing signs of ageing? Is it too much technology and too much change making it hard to digest and prioritise? Is it all of the above?

Whatever the answer, there is plenty of opportunities to improve and help available. We use this blog to share some insights on all those critical topics and help you reflect on where you are. After all, simplicity is about being able to explain it in a few words.

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